Monday, July 25, 2011

A list of lists

So I will be leaving for a relaxing vacation to sunny Florida in a couple of days and I'm beginning to wonder when the relaxing part actually starts. The idea of a vacation is more than wonderful, however the prep work is just about exhausting. I've been thinking about this vacation for a long time and am so excited to go. I took the time off work, found the coverage at work and began making lists of things I needed to remember to do. This is where I discovered what I call "The List of Lists".

Here is how it begins: List of "Things to Pack". While thinking of the things I need to remember to pack, it reminds me of all the things I need to remember to pick up at the store. List #2: "Things to Buy". On this list, I remind myself I need to pick up a few items for the cat. List #3: "Directions for Caring for the Cat" for my friend who will be caring for her. Hmmm....I have the cat taken care of, what about the rest of my apt? I need to pay rent early this month , turn the air down, clean the apt...List #4: "Things to do Before You Leave".

This weekend I worked on List #4 and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and charged every gadget you could imagine (GPS, Camera, Portable DVD Player...). I also started a little bit of packing. While going through List #1, I realized that we will be taking 2 days to get to Florida and lugging a giant suitcase with everything for the entire week will be really annoying just to pull over somewhere to sleep. You guessed it! List #5: "Things to Pack for Travel" so I can have a smaller bag of just the essentials, PJs, toothbrush, change of clothes, etc.

My lists may be a little out of control. Can I get away with calling it being organized or am I just plain OCD? I guess I don't care either way. I'm sticking with organized. A vacation isn't just a vacation. It's getting your home ready to leave for vacation, making sure animals are cared for, coming home to a clean home, packing all you'll need without forgetting anything, actually getting to the destination and then hopefully being able to relax for a couple of days until you have to get everyone back home again and do all the laundry from the week away, grocery shopping because you didn't do it before you left, and dreading going back to work because you need a vacation from your vacation. So if my lists can make any part of this easier, I'll stick with them. I cannot wait to hit the road and take some much needed time away with some people I love dearly and have a GREAT time and my lists will just help me do this. Watch out Florida! Here we come!


  1. Love it!

    I definitely think this is just organization - not OCD. OCD is the fact that I count stairs as I go up/down them or that I can't stand light switches that are next to each other to be opposite (one up and one down). OCD is checking everything a million times - on a daily basis (making sure the door is locked, making sure the alarm is set for the right time, etc.).

    As for lists, I definitely had a few lists of my own in preparation for our roadtrip. My downfall was that we left RIGHT after finals...
    We did this because then I would only end up missing one class period, but because of all the studying for finals and preparing projects and such, I didn't have the time to clean the house. So not only did we bring bags and bags full of dirty laundry home, but there wasn't a clean house waiting for us when we got back! :(

    Hope you have fun!!!! :)


    WOW...we are so alike in this. I make lists upon lists all the time and there are often times where my lists have lists of their own too. And don't you love that you can't actually take off anymore without worrying about your responsibilities at home? Making sure you pay the bills early, making sure everything that you don't need plugged in is unplugged, making sure the surge protector is on (I am adding to your "things to do before I leave list") making sure you through out any food that will go bad while you are gone, making sure the dog has everything he needs with grandma and grandpa...ok I'll stop because I am sure I am making you think up MORE things that you didn't think of before. Lol! How long is that list of yours? :D

    Love you babe! Have an absolute BLAST in Florida and I can't wait to see pictures sexy lady!