Friday, August 12, 2011


Since my last post was about all of my lists in preparation for our Florida vacation, I decided I need to dedicate this post to how it went! Which was fantastic!

Wednesday, Day 1: The five car Florida bound convoy pulled out of Omaha at 5:00 pm on Wednesday. The plan was to drive all night and into the next day and stay the night in Georgia. The vehicles were packed full and we were on our way! This was my first trip to Florida as Brayden went over at least 5 times in the car ride down there because it was his first time too. And Noah's of course. It was pretty cute. He was SO excited!

Thursday, Day 2: I think I finally went to sleep around 6:00 am so I don't remember much of this day. We finally stopped around 4:00 pm (maybe) in Georgia to eat and get a good night sleep. Dinner then straight to the pool with all the kiddos! They were SO happy to be out of the cars and so were we! Then to bed for a short 4 hour drive to our desitination!

Friday, Day 3: We made it! We stayed in Davenport, just outside Orlando. We rented 3 vacation homes, each with a pool, and this is Brayden next to a palm tree (or bush thing) in the front yard. This day we just unpacked, swam A LOT, and relaxed!

Saturday, Day 4: This day we went to Gatorland! It was SOOOO hot, but we managed to bare through it. We watched a guy wrestle a gator, fed them hotdogs (who knew gators ate hotdogs??) and even got our picture taken with one!

That night we went to Old Town in Kissammee. The kids rode lots of rides and we walked around all of the shops. Very fun.

Sunday, Day 5: Beach day! The kids had a blast! And the adults too. A storm came through and we had to leave, but it was just in time to have a picnic lunch then we were able to go back and stay the rest of the day.
The whole crew at the beach!

Oh and Thomas got burried!

As we were leaving we saw this. Not a good day at the beach for them!

Monday, Day 6: Disney day!! We went to Magic Kingdom and had so much fun! It was another hot day but we made sure to stay hydrated and walk into as many air conditioned buildings as we could. The kids got pictures with Buzz and Stitch and rode lots of rides. We watched the parade. It was a great day!

Tuesday, Day 7: Our last full day in Florida. The boys took off to go on a fishing trip. They went on a big boat and caught LOTS of fish. I need to get these pictures still! They came home and we ate them for dinner that night. (The fish, not the boys) The girls (and Noah) went to Downtown Disney for some shopping and more sight seeing. They had a huge lego store that the kids saw some fun things made out of legos.

Wednesday, Day 8: Time to go back to Omaha. :-( I don't think any of us were ready. But we packed up the cars anyway and hit the road. I think we stopped in Tennessee for the night and watched the Incredibles twice this day in the car.

Thursday, Day 9: We got up and made the rest of the long trip home! This day we watched the Incredibles 3 times. We finally pulled into Omaha about 2:30 in the morning (So I guess this should really be Friday, Day 10) and went straight to bed. I think we only brought one bag in from the car. We were beat.

We had a wonderful vacation! It is somewhere I would definitely love to go again and I am happy I got to go with an amazing family who I love so much!