Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Call off the search party!

Call off the search pary! I'm alive! =)

Today out of nowhere, (and I still have no idea why), I randomly decided to log into my blog which has been neglected for about 6 months now. What I have learned is I have really good streaks, then leave for about 6 months, have another good streak, and then disappear for another 6 months. It's a cycle I guess. Honestly it's not because I don't enjoy blogging, life just gets so busy! We are all busy, I totally get that! I have no excuse.

In September I took a part time job at the YMCA teaching swimming lessons two nights a week. Not terrible hours and the extra money is nice. Not too bad for a part time job in addition to my full time job. But soon "Not too bad" turned into "I think I remember having a life?".

Backing up, soon after I started that part time job (actually my second day I was supposed to teach) I ended up getting hospitalized and scheduling surgery to get my appendix removed. After that, I swear the anesthesia took about 2 months to wear off. Or removal of the appendix is somehow scientifically linked to partial removal of your brain as well. I was the most forgetful person I had ever been in my life and I was incredibly disturbed by it! I am usually very organized and on top of things and my brain wasn't allowing it. Working 50 hours a week didn't help either. I know it sounds crazy, but getting myself to work dressed, with a purse, cell phone, a swimsuit, and lunch was all of a sudden a challenge. Was it seriously linked to surgery? Doubtfull. Coinsidence? Possibly! Either way, my brain was failing me and I needed all the brain power I could squeeze out of it!

After things finally seemed to be getting back to normal, my class started up at Restore Hope again, which is a transitional housing facility for homeless single mothers. I teach them Boundaries and Life Skills. The exact same week one of the other girls who teaches swimming lessons called to ask me if I could take over one of her nights through the rest of the session. With me never being able to ever say no, I agreed. (Ooooo secret weakness revieled.) So now I work my full 40 hours at my "grown up job", teach one night a week at Restored Hope and teach swimming lessons the other three nights a week at the YMCA. I literally leave my house at 7 in the morning and don't get home until almost 9 at night every day.

Ok so that may have sounded like an excuse for my lack of existance here, but it's the truth I promise! But the important part is that I am back! For now. No really. Hopefully I can keep this going for real now. I think I'm going to put reminders on my calendar. That should help! The other good news (besides me being back of course) is that I'm taking the next session off from teaching swimming lessons. Mostly because of winter and the fact I live so far away from where I work. I really don't want to be stranded an hour away from my house because of snow. So I have one more week after this week and I'll actually get to go directly home after work until March! I am beyond ready for the break.

That has pretty much been my life in a nutshell for the last 6 months. (And give me some credit, it's really only been like 5 months!) Now things are just busy because of Christmas, but again, aren't we all! I did some really cute pinterest things for Christmas this year and am going to do some more this weekend and fully intend on documenting here! *Sneak peak: (Ok not a peak at all. I have no pictures.) *Sneak foreshadowing?: I'm making another attempt at cakeballs! You can read about my previous experience with these. I have high hopes this time and as you may guess, they will be Christmas related! (Gasp!)

Ok the ramblings of this post will now end as I do have work to do. Tune in Monday (or maybe Tuesday if we're being honest) to see how my weekend Pinterest Projects went! (This is how long it's been since I've been on here. I totally forgot I added a Pinterest tab to this blog!) more thing before I start working...adding blog times to my calendar! Good faith effort?

Ok another "one more thing" because I really feel as though I must add a picture to this post. We semi-added a new member to our family. She was already partly a member, but she has kind of been officially adopted. This is Reggie (Short for Regina. We didn't name her.) She is/was Josh's brother's dog and they never took care of her and she's been an outdoor dog for a few years now. She's learned where we live and we have hearts and can't bare to make her stay an outdoor dog so she's now our dog. Dog and cat do NOT get along. I'm sure I'll have lots of those stories to post as well. Sigh.

She didn't take long in adjusting to being an indoor dog.

And she obviously knows how to get warm!