Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Ok well it's not by ANY means extreme couponing, but coming from someone who never even looked at prices when picking up an item off the shelf, I think I'm doing pretty good with this (so far)! In an effort to be more money conscious, I have been trying to be dedicated to clipping coupons, checking ads, and going to different stores with the better sales instead of which one is closest and more convenient (because back home we had one option for a grocery store; now in Omaha, I have LOTS more!)

So I went to Wal-mart and bought a little notebook and a small filing organizer thing. (This is a very scientific process.) Every Sunday I go through the coupons that come in the paper, write them down in the notebook along with expiration dates (as kind of like an index type thing) and put them in the filing thing. (Are you following all these big words?) Then on Wednesdays when all the store ads come out, I write those in the notebook as well so I can compare which things that are on sale and if I also have a coupon for an item.

So here are some examples from this past week of my sale purchases! (Rough estimate of original prices)

Original Price: $1.00 x 16 = $16.00
     Sale Price: $0.49 x 16 = $7.84

Paid: $7.84
Saved: $8.16

Original: $4.02 x 2 = $8.08
      Sale: $3.50 x 2 = $7.00

Paid: $7.00
Saved: $1.08

Original: $4.99
       Sale: $3.97
Coupon: $1.00

Paid: $2.97
Saved: $2.02

Original: $2.99
       Sale: $2.30
Coupon: $0.50

Paid: $1.80
Saved: $1.19
Original: $3.67 x 8 = $29.36
       Sale: $2.75 x 8 = $22.00

Paid: $22.00
Saved: $7.36
So my total savings on all of those purchases: $19.81!!!

So I'm not getting $1000 shopping trips for -$0.30 by any means like they do on the show (and honestly I don't even watch the show because they just buy 2 cart fulls of Kleenexes, not even real food to make meals), but I figure if I can save close to $20 a week, then I could be saving possibly around $100 a month! It's a start anyway and it will definitely be a learning process because I honestly have never looked at prices of things in my life. If I need it, I buy it. But not anymore! I am going to get good at this! Or at least better than I have been.

I can tell I'm getting older. My time is consumed by working out and clipping coupons! But that's ok because I am actually enjoying it! Ok, sign #2 that I'm getting older: I'm enjoying it! haha So what do all of you do to save money or clipping coupons? Any advice for the beginner??


  1. We could all save a bunch like those people, but there is nowhere in Omaha that doubles manufacturer coupons anymore. And I just saw the other day that bakers won't take a store and manufacturer coupon for the same thing. :-( Not that any of us like walmart, but they full price match anything, even store brand stuff as long as you buy their store brand. At least you only have to go to one place that way!

  2. HI! I love this. We should do it together :)

    1) I don't like WalMart but they are going to start doubling coupons, on specific dates per store, and they have some great deals some times - like really good deals!
    2) Wal Greens is probably the best store to get the greatest deals! They have register rewards which is only annoying because you have use multiple transactions - BUT pays off!!
    3) Check out the websites of people who already do this for their full time job! Let them find the deals for you and you just have to shop!!

    You just have to stay up with the coupons because if you get behind, it's just like starting all over again! Yay :) Couponing! ha.